12 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Enjoying Autumn Leaves

Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Enjoying Autumn Leaves

Autumn is here!

Whenever you ask someone what their favourite season is, it will either be summer or autumn. My personal favourite is autumn as well. There is nothing about it that you would hate. You get to wear your specific autumn clothes; sweatshirts and hoodies, you can wear shorts too. There is going to be a slow, cool breeze brushing against your face the entire day. The sunlight won’t sting and it won’t be too cold either. Everything is just perfect in autumn. But most of all, let’s not forget the autumn leaves! Those golden, crunchy leaves covering the ground that make it look a million times prettier than it already is.

Not only do humans get excited about autumn, but dogs do too! Have you ever seen how happy a dog gets when he plays in autumn leaves? It really is such a wonderful sight. Dogs can cheer up anyone with their adorable shenanigans. Scroll down below to see hilarious photos of dogs enjoying autumn leaves:

1. I believe I can fly!


2. Ah, this is the life.

3. Going crazy with those leaves.


4. A happy family!

5. When you want to taste the crunch.

6. A pretty baby in pink leaves.


7. Chonky boi enjoying autumn.

8. So full of joy.

9. Gotta catch those leaves in my mouth!


10. Goofy boy.

Aren’t these images so wholesome? They make you feel so warm inside even though you aren’t even in these images. That’s what dogs are capable of doing. They lift the energy of everyone around them. Dogs are so pure and precious. The world doesn’t deserve them. Look at all these happy faces! It’s pure joy. Scroll down below for more happy doggos with autumn leaves:

11. Look, mommy! I found such a big leaf!